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Climate Change Worsening Coastal Erosion in Trinidad

As unusually heavy rainfall battered Trinidad's east coast a year ago, a lagoon here was overwhelmed, flooding a major access road to the island’s south-eastern communities. As the flood waters poured over Manzanilla beach, they washed sand away, caved in sections of road and collapsed a seawall at a tourist beach facility. Further damages were also incurred with the flooding of homes and agricultural plots.

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Le changement climatique, l’autre menace du Mali

La production et la productivité agropastorale est affectée, les populations manquent cruellement d’eau et sont touchées par l’insécurité alimentaire. Sans moyens d’y faire face, les jeunes Maliens quittent le milieu rural ou optent pour des activités criminelles comme le terrorisme.

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